The Naperville Historic District

A stroll through the City of Naperville Historic District is a stroll into a simpler time. When life was less hurried. When homes carried family names. And, backyards, shaded by stately trees, were the playgrounds of children’s imagination. Ask any resident, and you’ll be told it’s still a very nice place indeed.

This special neighborhood is home to 280 houses that include an array of architectural styles including solid four-squares, tidy Cape Cods, and, of course, stately Victorians  

The Naperville Historic District is a part of the ECHO neighborhood, located in the older eastern section of Naperville and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Historic Sites Commission oversees  exterior remodeling.  This assures the continuation of authenticity as evidenced by numerous home expansions completed and currently underway.

Historic district neighbors do a lot of walking–and it’s possible to do. They walk to school, the library, to church.  They walk downtown to dine, and to shop for clothes, books, ice cream and home furnishings. They stroll the Riverwalk. They walk to the train headed for Chicago and even North Central College which lies within the heart of the Historic District. (On the way, they  may stop to chat on a neighbors’s porch swing.)

It’s that kind of place. Friendly. Convenient. Casual. Set within a city that is consistently  nationally recognized as a most desirable place in America.

Remember when life was this good? It still is in the Naperville Historic
District. Where “Once Upon A Time” has become our ‘Happily Ever After’.
See for yourself.

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